Collection: 20 mm Watch Straps

Our handcrafted 20mm watch straps are the effortless way to customize your favorite vintage and new age timepieces. As fellow watch enthusiasts, we create quality bands that adds a new lease of life to your wristwatch.

  • Pure leather in retro colours and also modern day bold colors like red, yellow, and orange
  • Unique patterns including matte and crocodile prints
  • Durable materials made to last years of daily wear

Tired of the boring watch straps that you normally buy with a "Genuine Leather" embossing on the rear side, that goes kaput in a short while? Our watch bands not only liven up your accessory but lasts long as it is made from pure leather. Choose from vibrant colors and prints that match your outfit or mood. Make your watch stand out with the perfect handcrafted accent piece!

For watch lovers wanting to add flair to their go-to accessory, our comfortable, quality straps are made just for you. Customize your watch with the ideal colorful addition.